Frequently Asked Questions


The following are our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Why Hutton Condominium Services?

We believe that condominiums are as varied in their needs as the people living in them, we therefore tailor our contract to your requirements.

Our job description is a guide to our basic or minimum service level that we offer.

Regardless of the options chosen –

  • We provide support services to your strata council.
  • We provide your strata council with the fullest possible data to enable them to make informed decisions, we then make sure those decisions are successfully and expeditiously implemented.
  • We have carefully limited our company growth so as not to compromise our ability to provide an effective service to our clients and to ensure we do not have to employ inexperienced administrators simply to keep up with the work-load.
Who will our council assistant be?
All council assistants are licensed, insured and trained to handle all aspects of strata property needs. A partner and shareholder of the company will oversee all aspects of your agreement with our company thereby ensuring a vested interest in your future.
What happens if our assigned manager is ill or on vacation?

We ensure that the buildings we manage are always covered by another manager in the event of an absence.

What about after hour emergencies?
Hutton managers take emergency calls for their respective buildings. Your assigned strata manager will take the appropriate action based on the nature of the emergency.
Who makes the decisions?
The strata council retains control of the decision making process at all times.
What about financial statements?
Financial statements are provided monthly to all council members. You decide how often they are distributed to other owners.
How is our money handled?

Hutton offers two models; your strata opens its own bank accounts whereby we review all invoices and present them along with the related cheques each month to be signed by two council members OR Hutton oversees your strata’s trust accounts with Council reviewing and approving the payables for a licenced strata manager to make the payments. You remain in control of your money at all times.

What experience do you have?
As pioneers of condominium management since 1977, we feel our experience is second to none. Over the years in the condominium management business we have built a portfolio of more than fifty condominium complexes containing more than three thousand homes.
What will it cost?

There are many factors involved in negotiating a fee structure acceptable to both parties; the most important of which is your needs. The cost of management will depend on a variety of factors (level of services required, frequency of meetings).